Monday, April 5, 2010

Plant Walk: Bodega Bay

My friend Claire came up from Berkeley on Friday to spend the weekend. We drove out to the beach (the beach is only an hour away, sweet!), and hiked around Bodega Bay. Beautiful, beautiful day.

Where The Birds was filmed!

This baby elephant seal came out from the water to warm up.
Wild calla lilies.

Scarlet pimpernel (not really very scarlet).

Cow parsnip (note the fly infestation)

Ice plant

Yes, there was even an egg slap. No, I've no idea what that means.

Other plants ID-ed:
Fiddle neck
Douglas Iris
Lots and lots of lupine (including yellow!)
Wild Radish
Nemophila menziesii ssp atomaria


  1. I can't believe how beautiful that bay is. Why can't the Great Salt Lake have pretty stuff around it!? The photos look professional. Your dad's going to be so proud when he sees them. I especially like the baby seal, but all of them are wonderful. Keep us posted on all of your adventures.

  2. haha we are all squinty! Thanks for a great weekend! Had tons of fun and Jonnie loved the cookies I brought back for us :)

  3. Great post, gorgeous photos, and a wonderful blog! I look forward to reading about your herbal adventures. You are very lucky to be pursuing them in such a gorgeous part of the country! Best of luck and enjoy the journey!

    btw-thanks so much for including my blog as one of your favorite :)

  4. I can't believe you live there. What an amazing view!

  5. I hate playing catch up. This was a great post. I loved seeing those plants where they naturally grow. Keep it up!!